Pure sweetness

March 15, 2012 at 9:44 pm (Uncategorized)

It’s no secret that Ekaete is a firecracker. She is so passionate and feels every emotion to the deepest level…and let’s everyone know that she’s feeling it. 😉 There is no denying that she loves to the fullest too. She LOVES her family. If it was up to her, we’d all go to the bathroom together just so we could enjoy more time together! She takes very good care of both of her brothers. She is always the first to run to someone if theyre crying or hurt themselves and make sure they are okay. She can often be seen stroking Makalo’s head, offering him comfort if he’s upset, and whispering, “I know, Boo Boo, I know. Sad? I know Boo Boo.” I wanted to take a few minutes to record a couple of sweet moments so that we always remember the sweet, soft, and loving side of her…because everyone will remember the passionate entertainer!

One night Andikpeme and I were having a conversation about his life in SA and adoption and Brendan was reading Ekaete one of her favorite books. The first line of the book is, “There was one little baby who was born far away…”. Apparently she has a basic understanding of her history because she said, “Yeah, Ekaete and Andikpeme. Thank you mommy, thank you daddy”. She then put the book down to come give each of us a hug. Obviously adopting them has been our privilege and honor and something we are thankful for everyday so it was shocking that she related to the book.

Every so often, we can hear Ekaete gently singing to her baby brother on the monitor, “You are so beautiful…to me. You are so beautiful to me, can’t you see?! You’re everything I hoped for. You’re everything i need. You are so beautiful..to me!”

Tonight I was rocking and singing “You are my sunshine” to her before bed. At the end of the song, she sat up and said in a concerned voice, “No take away!” I explained that SHE was my sunshine and she wasn’t going away. She smiled and said, “Yeah no take Ekaete away, stay with mommy!” She then gave me a big kiss and proceeded to stroke my hair.

Pure sweetness.


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