Confession Friday

March 31, 2011 at 9:58 pm (Uncategorized)

I confess I have been a bad blogger lately because I just can’t find the time or energy to type anything coherent. Plus I’m not really sure what thoughts I want to share so I’m thinking they are better left unsaid until I am sure.

I confess I officially resigned from my job last week. Don’t even know what to say about this….

I confess my two babes are still sick so my little little babe and I decided to join in the fun. 😦

I confess the sun came out yesterday and we are going for a walk today – sick or not!

I confess I am sitting beside three loads of clean laundry right now sans-children waiting for someone to come fold them and put them away.

I confess hubby is studying for his big licensing exam and he’s now taking Saturdays to go to the library. I need a nanny.

I confess a few of my nieces and nephews are in town so we had a family get together this week. Just as I was thinking how awesome it is to watch Andikpeme play with his cousins, hubby came up to me and said, “Look at Andikpeme! He just fits right in so perfectly!”


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Confession Friday

March 25, 2011 at 9:26 am (Uncategorized)

I confess I have had two sick kids this week. Not fun.

I confess the babe is sleeping (not in my arms – yay!), Andikpeme is watching Batman, and Ekaete is sitting beside me happily playing with my hair and so I am taking advantage.

I confess I have allowed Andikpeme to watch more T.V. this week because he is sick, but really it’s because I’ve needed the breaks.

I confess my husband told me my jeans looked good on me this week; my old, ripped jeans that I got 10 years ago at a second-hand store. I’m thinking it was a hint to get my lazy ass out of sweat pants every once in a while!

I confess my house is a mess, but I have chosen to read the paper, eat a couple of bowls of cereal, and dick around on the computer instead.

I confess I am starting to doubt that Spring will ever come and that is doing nothing for my mood and energy levels.

I confess I have sores on my tongue from salt & vinegar chips, which were made worse by dill pickle chips last night. My name is Mary and I am a junkaholic.

I confess I am jealous of a fellow blogger who watched her neighbough and her “hulking” boyfriend “re-connect” in their kitchen this week. Just a little something to spice up the week would be nice 😉

I confess my daughter just pulled a huge chunk of her hair out while she ran her fingers through it for the millionth time this morning. Why would her hair fall out that easily?!

I confess I am REALLY tired and keep on telling myself that everything will get easier when the sun comes out.

I confess I took my son to the doctor yesterday and the nurse asked if I was getting any sleep with a look of real concern in her eyes. I had no idea I looked that rough, but a glance in the mirror confirmed it.

I confess puke has officially hit every square inch of my sheets now this week so they will get cleaned this weekend. I hope. Don’t worry, just baby puke.

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