Confession Friday

February 25, 2011 at 11:13 pm (Uncategorized)

I confess Brendan had the week off from work and I had a long to-do list, very little of which will be crossed off by tomorrow. 😦

I confess I have been fantasizing about coming into some money so that I can hire a cleaner and pay for childcare at my gym lately. Both selfish reasons to want money, but I would give almost anything for these two things right now.

I confess I am addicted to sugar. As in 10 cookies-a-day, candies, copious amounts of chocolate, totally and utterly addicted to sugar. (Thanks for the awesome chocolate Jess!)

I confess we are going to book weekly playdates with our great friends, Rana and Ade, and I am so excited!

I confess my first thought this morning was, “I hate winter” and then I found out it was 50 below with the wind chill. Enough said.

I confess hubby proposed we start a vacation account and put small amounts of money aside every once in a while so that we can take a honeymoon before we welcome the next little one into our home. I cannot tell you how happy I was with this proposal.

I confess I had to take our baby for more blood tests yesterday and I am getting tired of it. They had to try three times, he screamed for an hour straight, and I produced a tear after the second attempt when the technicians had left us alone to try to calm down again. Not fun.

I confess my hand was covered in my baby’s blood and as soon as I thought that I wanted these tests to give us some results, I felt my throat swell and my heart sink. I’m not sure that I’m ready for the results.

I confess I have been re-living that first day and night I had with Ekaete in the hospital over and over again lately. I am very grateful for access to health care and I am so incredibly grateful she made it through that night.

I confess Ekaete has been partially potty trained for five months now. Five months people! The only reason she is not fully trained is become I am lazy and keep thinking she is young…and things are crazy in our house so I will take care of it soon.

I confess I baked a cake and 2 dozen cupcakes today (see previous confessions for explanation of the occasion). Andikpeme was thrilled we were having birthday cake, but never bothered to ask whose birthday it was! 😉


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Family Day Weekend!

February 22, 2011 at 9:14 pm (Uncategorized)

I must admit I think it is a sad reflection on our society that we need a holiday dedicated to “family time”, but I am loving having my husband on holidays. Brendan is taking on all the private work he can to supplement my lack of income so when he was offered five assessments last weekend he had to take them. The problem was that they were in another city which meant the kids and I would have been alone for at least two days and one night. Not such a pretty thing when they all get up several times a night and need food/cuddles/closeness to get back to sleep. So we decided to pack the whole family up and spend the weekend in a hotel. We had a pretty rough time with Andikpeme last time we tried doing this (at the end of the October), but we both figured it would be better for all of us in the end if we were together. Andikpeme was, of course, thrilled when we arrived at the hotel Friday night. During our “thank you” part of night prayers, he thanked God that he could bring in the bags with daddy.

Saturday morning he woke up a little off so we had quiet time in the room until shortly after 11:00 a.m. When I could see that he was more regulated and connected, we headed over to our wonderful friends house. Andikpeme has developed a very special bond with an adorable little boy who was also born in SA. Who would have guessed the playdate would have lasted 8.5 hours?! We were invited to spend the day and stay for dinner, but I was fully prepared that we may have to ‘gracefully’ exit early depending on the needs of my children. That night Andikpeme asked if we could live in the hotel forever so that mommy, daddy, Ekaete, Makalo, and Andikpeme could stay in the same room together all the time and then play with L every day. I laughed and told him it was just a matter of time before he figured out just how unappealing living in a confined space with all of us really was. We went back the next morning and the kids played wonderfully for another 5.5 hours!!! 🙂 Did I mention I got to visit with an awesome, wise, and fun friend all day as well?! I cannot tell you how great it was to watch the kids play, visit with great people, and yes, get some help with hellions! 🙂 Apparently as we were driving away, L. said towards Andikpeme, “I love you Matey!” (They were pirates for a while…) Melt my heart….

Monday morning my parents came for coffee then we headed over to the hospital to meet our new baby niece. We then went to Fuddruckers to overindulge in the best cheese sauce in the world thanks to their ‘kids eat free’ event and a gift certificate. Daddy has declared this a family day tradition. It was a very relaxing weekend…no matter how strange the holiday!

Enjoy a few of the pics of our sweethearts! I just have to mention that it is 8:30 p.m., daddy is at soccer and all three of my children are sleeping. All three are sleeping at the same time, people! My house is quiet. Ahhhhhh…

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