Most anticipated arrival ever!!!

January 30, 2011 at 11:09 pm (Uncategorized)

They are finally home!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yesterday we had the amazing privilege of welcoming our good friends, Rana, Yvan and their adorable son, Ade, home from Ethiopia. I’m sure there are thousands of people out there who have watched this family fight to finally be together so I am declaring it the most anticipated arrival EVER! Over a year ago I remember Rana joking that Brendan and I would probably bring our kids home before they would (which seemed unthinkable at the time since we had just started a new program 6 months earlier) and I truly prayed this would not be the case. Their union has been a prayer that has kept a very big place in my heart for a long time now. Anyways, they are awesome people and we just could not be happier for them! Welcome home! 🙂


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She’s a crazy baby!

January 27, 2011 at 11:07 pm (Uncategorized)

Well, this post is a long time coming. It is all about our crazy girl, Ekaete. When we first met her, her dad would sing, “She’s a crazy baby, crazy baby, crazy baby” over and over again and she would kick her legs so fast and hard they would extend past her head! She is such a character and that became apparent as soon as she was well enough to open her eyes in ICU.

Ekaete began exerting her will very shortly after we came home by screaming at us (just a quick “Ahhh”) when we did something she didn’t like or if our attention was not completely focused on her. She started crawling at the end of May, walking at the end of July, running the very next day, climbing two days later, and jumping off two feet at 17 months. Daddy would like me to share that she never falls and she actually gets air time when she jumps. We introduced her to the potty at 15 months and she used it twice that day. I am not really pushing her to potty train, but she continues to do well with it. She often tells us that she needs to go and if we ask her she will respond appropriately about whether or not she needs it. Today she used the potty five times! She does get a smartie when she uses her potty so I’m pretty convinced that she goes sometimes just for the smartie. Yes, she will go on command. 😉

She was not saying any words so I decided to teach her some sign when she first came home. She refused to use the signs though so we eventually gave up on it. In true Ekaete style, several months later one day at lunch when I was distracted talking to her brother, she screamed at me to get my attention then signed “more” perfectly. All I could do was laugh, give her some more food, and think, “You little brat! I knew you could do it!” She still uses very few words (loves to sign though), but her dad loves to try to encourage her. He was showing our family Dr. just how stubborn she is the other day. He said, “Ekaete, say dad”. Ekaete smiled and said, “Mom”. Then he said, “Say mom” to which she responded, “Uh oh”. She finds herself hilarious!

She is a fiesty little thing. Sadly, her older brother takes the brunt of her frustration. (Read: She beats on him all day long). She must have spent 9 out of 10 hours yesterday either pulling Andikpeme’s hair, hitting him, or pushing him. I think that he likes to know that I will protect him so he just takes it, whimpering and crying out for help. After a very long day of what seemed like never-ending “fighting” we turned around in the kitchen to find the two of them leaning on one another, each with an arm around the other. The best of friends…apparently!

In all seriousness, she is one of the cutest, most affectionate, fun little girls we have ever met and she truly lights up our home! The teenage years are definitely frighening to think about so we try to pretend she’s going to stay this small forever! She is constantly making ridiculous faces and trying to make us laugh. Enjoy some of these snapshots that capture just a tiny glimpse into her hilarious, fiesty, stubborn, and absolutely adorable personality!

Ekaete, I have to apologize for sharing these pictures publicly because I’m sure when you read this you will want to throttle me. You are ridiculously gorgeous and photogenic…you’re also insanely funny and expressive and these pictures show the funnier side of your personality. We love you!!!

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