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For the first time since we met him, Andikpeme is sick enough to actually slow him down. He started complaining of a sore neck on Saturday. Very strange complaint from a 4-year-old, but to be honest, we weren’t sure what to think about it since the poor child has also been plagued with morning sickness, a “big belly”, and many other interesting issues. I noticed he was moving a little slower than usual while we were in the backyard playing soccer and then he was extremely lathargic on our bike ride. When we arrived home I checked his temperature and sure enough, he had a fever. We gave him some tylenol and he laid down…for 2 hours! Yup, he was sick. We did some reading on the internet, called a friend who is a nurse, and then decided to take him to the medi-clinic. This was, not suprisingly, a waste of time as the dr. was more interested in his racial background than his symptoms. When I asked him if I should bring him back if he continued to have neck pains, he asked, “Why? What did you think it might be?” “Well, kind Dr., trusty google suggested that it could be an infection, meningitis, or a tumor, but you know…I didn’t waste spend 8 years in med. school…what do you think?!!!” It’s very interesting having a little one who has not had his needs met all his life get sick. You can tell he doesn’t really know if he is sick as he changes his mind every hour, his appetite was not affected until last night, and we weren’t sure how he was truly feeling because he is an amazing actor/manipulator. I know this sounds bad, but it’s helped him survive the years.

Anyways, he was sick again yesterday and when he opted out of dinner, we decided to take him to the hospital. A. never turns down food. Thankfully the Dr. he saw last night was much more respectful, concerned, and thorough and concluded that it is just a bad flu and that it should pass in 24 hours. We will take him back if gets worse in that time. What was great to see in this sickness is some more beautiful signs of attachment and huge leaps in communication! A. has been asking to cuddle with us constantly since he got sick even when we were surrounded by other family members last night at family dinner. (We took him only because he said he was feeling better, his temperature had gone down temporarily, and we want him to know that he will not be “punished” if he tells us he is sick). Then he did awesome at the hospital! He was able to answer all of the doctor’s questions accurately, followed directions such “move your head back and forth” perfectly, and he allowed him to inspect him without any issues! He was very proud of himself and happy to announce that he was very brave and didn’t scream. 🙂 This morning at breakfast he told me he was sick so he needed a cup of tea. We thought this was interesting so I asked him, “Did Auntie in Africa give you tea when you were sick?” “No, I tink they were always too busy” he said in a very matter-of-fact tone. Yup, they are pretty damn busy at the orphanage smart little man. So neat to hear things like this come from his mouth. So today will be quiet day of t.v., crafts, stories, cuddles, baking homemade buns/cinnamon buns (mainly because I have been craving fresh cinnamon buns for a couple of days), and maybe some cornrows. A. has been asking for it so we shall see how this goes! I have no pride so I may just post some pics later. 😉

Ekaete continues to develop beautifully. She is such a character and her silly faces make us laugh all day long. She is definitely ready to be fully potty trained too. Now when she is starting to go in her diaper, she will slap her diaper and run to the bathroom for her potty. I have not found underwear that is small enough to fit her (wearing size 12 months) so if anyone knows where I can get some please share. Until then, I’m off to buy some pull-ups and watch my big girl continue to grow up.


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F*%#ing hormones. Seriously. It is the strangest thing to know that you are being irrational, over-sensitive, some might even say a little crazy and yet still feel like you can’t help but go there. I am trying to write an essay tonight and not only do I appear to be completely incapable of stringing a half-intelligent sentence, I also burst into tears for no freaking reason. WTF?!? I’d be lying if I said I’ve never found myself upset with my husband over the most ridiculous thing and then suddenly thought, ‘This is stupid. What the hell is wrong with me? Oh! It’s that time of the month. Just walk away and pretend nothing happened, self.’ The only coherent thought I have right now is, ‘What else can I eat tonight?’ Here’s hoping this is not yet another piece of evidence that Brendan can take to a psychiatrist for a pending diagnosis and that it passes with this pregnancy.

Men have it so damn easy….

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