To an amazing father…

June 19, 2010 at 9:50 pm (Uncategorized)

Happy Father’s Day Honey! Our children are truly fortunate to have such a loving, engaged, and caring dad. Brendan loves playing with the kids and no matter how long his day is, he always walks in the door with his arms wide open, ready to hug his children. He wrestles with them, tickles them, reads them stories, changes diapers without hesitation, cuddles them, sings to them, rocks them, and teaches them. I always knew he would be an amazing father; it was one of things that attracted me to him most. It is so awesome to see him finally acting in the role he was made to be in! You are an amazing father and it is such a gift to share parenting with you! Love you!


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101 ways to avoid washing your hands!

June 16, 2010 at 10:00 pm (Uncategorized)

I’m thinking our son could write a book entitled, “101 ways to avoid washing your hands”. I’m sure he’d have quite the market with all of the other dirty, gross, germ-spreading little boys out there! First of all, I should say that he was an awesome hand-washer in SA. We were so impressed (and relieved) as we watched him very thoroughly scrub his hands. For some reason, this behaviour has gradually taken a turn for the worse. Here are some of the many grimey, sneaky things he has done to evade this apparently difficult task.

1) He will run the water for a reasonable amount of time without ever allowing the water to touch him
2) He will pump soap in the sink so that he can show me that there are even bubbles remaining from his very thorough scrub (and yet no trace of water or soap on his hands)
3) He will exit the bathroom and immedidately have me smell his hand to show me that they even smell clean (mommy wasn’t fooled though – let’s see the other hand)
4) Daddy sent him back into the bathroom one day to wash and he very innocently asked, “Again?” It took everything inside of us not to laugh at this one. Daddy: “Ah A., you never washed in the first place so please go back in there actually wash your hands”. A. was uncharacteristically immediately compliant and began his march back to the bathroom saying “to himself”: “Hmmm…that’s weird! Daddy wants me to wash my again…that’s weird!” Oh did we laugh at that one!
5) Just spend an extra 5 minutes there doing God knows what with the hope that his parents will forget why he went in there in the first place.

Moral of the story: Little boys are gross (and mommy really needs to make sure she scrubs the bathroom including the walls, door knobs, handles, etc. as often as possible).

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