A great long weekend

May 26, 2010 at 2:38 pm (Uncategorized)

The weather was cold and pretty much miserable this weekend as is always the case in Saskatchewan on May long weekend, but we still managed to have a lot of fun. Friday night we went to Brendan’s brother and sister-in-law’s for a nice dinner. Andikpeme had a blast playing with his cousins, their huge puppy, and their super soaker! We spent the day at home on Saturday just taking care of odds and ends and hanging out with each other. Saturday night we had our friends Rana & Yvan, and Rhonda & Eden over for supper. A. is still working on the whole sharing thing, but other than that it went pretty well. A. thought it was hilarious that Eden called her owies “bobos” and insisted that she wear his guitar many times through out the night. Eden is a complete sweetheart (that runs her mother off her toes) and was very interested in feeding Ekaete her soother. When Ekaete refused to take it Eden graciously found it another home. 😉 We hadn’t seen Rana and Yvan since before we left for SA so it was great to see them again of course, but bitter-sweet because we all wished they could have their son home by now. Rana was actually the one who told us about MoT and their SA program so we wouldn’t be home with our children if she hadn’t gone out of her way to send me that email when things were going awry with the Ghana program. We are eternally grateful for their friendship and hope more than anything that they bring their adorable son home VERY SOON!
We woke up Sunday morning, had our traditional bacon and eggs breakfast, then went to church. Our parish celebrates all of the parishioners’ cutures in a special every pentecost. Everyone comes dressed in their traditional costume, we do a large procession outside, and then people bring traditional food that we share after mass. I remember getting chills last year thinking about how exciting it would be to be celebrate that day with our children and it was more amazing than I had imagined. Both of the kids looked beautiful in their costume and I felt like they lit up the building. Grandma and grandpa even joined us for the special occasion! It was a very special mass indeed and I can’t wait for next Pentecost.
We had quiet afternoon at home and then went to my sister’s for dinner to celebrate my niece, H’s, 8th birthday. H. is such a special little girl and I am so happy for my kids that they have such a caring cousin. A. and E. had a blast playing with their cousins, but we were all exhausted by the time we came home. So today, despite all the kind invitations we received for play dates and dinner, we decided to have a quiet day at home. It was lovely! Brendan’s brother came over to watch the “football” game and the kids decided to join them so I took advantage and finished planting my garden. While I was working away, I heard a rustling noise at the window and looked up to see the most beautiful smiling boy waving away at me and blowing me kisses. Next thing I knew, A. was running out the door proclaiming, “I’ll help Mommy!
I’ll help!” So we had a great time planting the rest of our garden together. That day was full of family time, which included more work outside, walk/bike ride, pizza dinner, and family cuddle time! The kids are quietly sleeping and I am patiently waiting for the Bachelorette to start while enjoying some homemade cookies! Why can’t they all be long weekends?!

For some adorable pictures of the three cuties playing, check out Rhonda’s blog: http://turgeonexpansion.wordpress.com/2010/05/25/now-that-was-fun/


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Happy Birthday Andikpeme!

May 20, 2010 at 11:37 pm (Uncategorized)

Our beautiful son turned 4 years old last Friday!!! We weren’t planning on having a party for him, but at the last minute decided that he could not only handle a party, but would really enjoy one. We kept it pretty simple – just dinner with our family and then had our extended family for cake and a little fun in the backyard. We asked our family to donate money for their home in SA rather than bring gifts because the kids have enough as it is, there is such a need in SA, and we really didn’t think he could handle it anyways. I dressed him in a very special shirt that my parents brought back from Nigeria 38 years ago! This shirt has been a staple in my brother’s wardrobes, my nephew’s, and now my son’s. It was so amazing to see it on him and it certainly didn’t hurt that he looked very handsome in this shockingly vibrant, new-looking item. You can enjoy the pictures of my handsome young man that follow below. 😉

I’ve never appreciated a birthday like that before. Not that I don’t appreciate the lives of all my loved ones because I absolutely do, but his birthday left me feeling overwhelmed with gratitude, humility, and absolute joy at several points in the day. (I actually think I was starting to weird him out because we would be playing and he would look over at me and be obviously confused by the tears in my eyes! Sorry little man…you’re just that great!) He is such a special boy and anyone who meets him is truly fortunate for the occurence. Andikpeme is handsome, cute, smart, funny, playful, quick, curious, athletic, affectionate, caring, stubborn, ahem, perseverent, compassionate, adventurous, charming, and one of the greatest people I’ve ever met. And I tell him that all the time. We truly celebrate the day that he was born and feel blessed thinking of the day that he became our son. All of that being said, his birthday is an important day in his birth family’s lives as well so we were thinking of his friends and family in SA as well.

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