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Unfortunately I am not referring to the refreshing adult beverage one might enjoy on a hot summer day…I am referring to our children’s first experience of snow. 😦 We came downstairs and A. and I were both shocked to see all this white stuff outside. He just stood at the window, jaw dropped, shouting, “Mommy! Look! Mommy!” He ran to the back window and was blown away to see that it back there as well. I opened the back door for him and encouraged him to try touching it. He touched it and immediately checked to see if it was okay if he ate it. I told him it was cool as long as it wasn’t yellow so he shoved his first handful of snow in his mouth. Apparently, it was quite tasty because he quickly went back for quite a few more. When all of the information finally processed, he realized his hand was freezing and he started screaming, “Mommy, my hand! My hand! It’s cold!” I couldn’t but laugh while I grabbed his hand to warm it up. Our sweet boy that was complaining that it was cold in SA (high 20s, but felt much warmer with the humidity) braved the cold and enjoyed some play time outside afterall. He’s told us it’s cold every day since we’ve been home, but when we ask if he wants to go inside he never does.

Since Sunday, he has asked to wear his boots every day despite the fact that the snow is melted now. He was quite pleased to hear that it would be back and he could wear his boots every single day in the winter. He is also a big fan of the touque and gloves. Brendan was putting his gloves on him before they went outside to play last night and he very happily asked for his coot. Hmmm…your touque? Yup, my touque! Definitely a Canadian. 🙂 He and daddy enjoyed some time in outside, but apparently the snow was causing him a lot of pain. He was covering his face and screaming, “My eyes! My eyes!” In true A. style, he was able to laugh at himself when daddy started laughing at him.

Some more exciting news in our home: Ekaete started crawling 4 days ago! This is great progress since she was so weak when we met her, but I know that this will make my job that much busier so this announcement is made with mixed emotions. 😉 She also started waving last week and pulling herself up. Again mixed emotions with this one because she was having a grand old laugh pulling herself up in her crib and spitting (buzzing) at me threw the bars. Damn developmental delays really didn’t buy mama that much time! A. also did something last night that left me feeling proud and annoyed. We woke up to him at the foot of our bed, asking to join us at about 4:00 a.m. This morning I was asking Brendan to comfort him in his own bed because there really is not enough room in our bed for the three (sometimes four) of us in our double bed and Brendan reminded me that our brave little man walked to our room himself! We have been encouraging him to call us or to just come to our room rather than whining and screaming if he needs in the middle of the night and he did it! This is just such a huge step and we are very proud of him. Didn’t exactly feel proud or excited when he ran his little feet up and down my legs at 4:00 a.m. and slowly took over my side of the bed, but it’s another milestone nonetheless.


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Our good friends who are adopting from Ghana are finally officially parents to their gorgeous girls!!!!!! We are so happy for them and cannot wait until they are all home. Head over here to wish them congrats!

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